Ticket Sales and Redemptions – Online Customer Portal User Guide

Table of Contents

You can also view the back office user guide here.


The customer facing web portal will list all your current events and allow returning customers to login to TSR. Custom Theme branding can be provided for your organisation.

Purchasing Tickets

Customers will be able to select an event from the main screen.

Once they have selected an event the customer will be asked to select which session, they want to attend.

After selecting a session – the customer will be asked to enter the number of tickets required along with what type of tickets (e.g. Child and Adult).

The customer will then be directed to the basket to confirm the purchase and number of tickets with a ‘Purchase Basket’ button.

Upon clicking ‘Purchase Basket’ the customer will be asked to sign into their existing account (if they have one) or create an account.

Once the customer has signed in or created an account – it’ll prompt for the customers card details.

When the payment is accepted – the customer will be produced with an order confirmation both on screen and via email and also receive printable barcode tickets attached within the email.


TSR includes the functionality of a basket to allow customers to book multiple events and easily modify an incorrect booking either by altering the number of tickets or deleting them from an order entirely.

Adding Items

Once a customer has added the session and number of tickets, they will be directed to the basket screen.

If the customer were to click ‘Events’ again at the top. They are able to select another event.

Select a session for that event.

Enter the number of tickets required for each ticket type and then click ‘Add to Basket’

Add to Basket will then show them the contents of their current basket.

They can then modify, delete or continue with the purchase.

Modifying Basket Items

The basket can be easily modified at the end of entering the number/type of ticket or it can be accessed at any time from the top right by clicking ‘Basket’.

The customer is then able to modify the quantity of tickets by clicking in the quantity field and altering the unit up or down.

Deleting Basket Items

If a customer has added an event or session that’s incorrect the item can be deleted from the basket.

Simply clicking the Basket icon at the top right and clicking the Red X against the incorrectly booked event.

Integrating with Your Website / E-mail Marketing

A hyperlink can be created to quickly add items to a basket- in the form https://salesportal/basket/add?items=qty,session,event-ticket-type|qty,session,event-ticket-type

This is especially useful if you want to;

  • Provide links from your existing website; or
  • Send e-mail marketing with a link to go straight to a basket with predefined items added

If you need help generating these links- please contact our support team.