Ticket Sales and Redemptions – Web/Back Office User Guide

Table of Contents


Once you have logged into TSR you will see a similar view to what the customer would – only with editing options on each event.

Ticket Zones

The first thing you’ll need to do is to setup zones, such as Kids Zone, Family or lower desk and upper deck if you are offering tours on boats/buses.

To add a zone, click the ‘Add Zone’ button and enter the name.

Ticket Types

Ticket Types are a way of offering a discounted or higher rate to certain customers, such as children or the elderly. To add ticket types, go to ‘Ticket Types’ in the navigation bar and then click ‘Add Ticket Type’

Within the ‘Add Ticket Type’ window you’ll be able to enter the type name and detail.

Adding an Event

You can add a new event by going to the main dashboard and clicking the ‘+ Add Event’ button near the top right of the events pane.

TSR will ask you to enter in an Event Name, Description, Capacity, Image of the event and if the event is activate/live.

After clicking add – you will need to enter the dates and times of each session. For example, the bus tour only runs on Saturday’s and Sundays at specific times.

Add a session by clicking the ‘+Add Session’

Enter the Name, Session dates/times and the onsale dates/times.

Once you’ve created your sessions, you’ll have something like this;

You can now add Event Ticket Types to your event, this is if you wanted to offer a discounted rate to children or the elderly. To add ticket types, press the ‘Add Event Ticket Type’ button.

Once on Add Event Ticket Type you’ll be able to select the ticket types as previously mentioned in the guide and the prices as well as access to zones.

If you were to add OAP (Elderly) as a ticket type you’d probably want them on the lower deck for ease of access and also a lower rate than adults.

Viewing Orders

Within the back office of TSR you’ll be able to view any orders placed by going to ‘Orders’ on the navigation bar.

If you go into an order, you’ll be able to set the order status to Active or Cancelled. If you change the order status or cancelled it will cancel any active tickets.

You can also individually cancel any tickets or manually mark them as redeemed or back to active if they’ve already been marked as cancelled or redeemed.


You are able to create multiple accounts for other staff members within your business. Go to the ‘Accounts’ tab in the navigation bar. This will show you an activate accounts on your TSR account;

To create a new account, go to the ‘Create Account’ button up in the top right. You can then fill out the user’s details and create the account.

You can also inactivate an account by going to the accounts screen and selecting the orange pencil against the account and then set the ‘Is Activate’ to off and update.

This will then remove the accounts from the Accounts screen and you’ll need to turn on the ‘Show Inactivate Account’ at the top right of the pane.


TSR vigorously audits any changes to events, tickets etc. You can view the Audit log by going to the ‘Audits’ in the navigation bar.