Our team has been working with Ungerboeck (EBMS) since we started out over 15 years ago! We offer the full range of services, including;

  • Implementations and implementation support
  • Upgrades (including out of hours)
  • Reporting (extending beyond Crystal, we also build comprehensive reporting suites and dashboards using 3rd party tools such as SQL Server Reporting Services, Qlikview, PowerBI and Tableau)
  • Interface Development and Systems Integration (Finance/Accounts, CRM, Email Marketing, Payment Gateway, Ticketing to name a few)
  • Custom Development (can range from minor triggers/webhooks to improve data quality to fully fledged modules through use of the Ungerboeck API)
  • Training (including system administrator and data model / tailored Crystal Reports tuition)
  • Migrations (including to/from on-premise to cloud and internal migrations to new server infrastructure)
  • Support and troubleshooting (we aim to offer a same day response and where possible, same day resolution)
  • Public facing deployments (including iEBMS, v20 Registratoin, Exhibitor Service Center etc)
  • Off-site backup and disaster recovery environment
Venue Dashboard

The dashboard is displayed on a large flat panel TV in each sales office across the 15 venues. The data refreshes every 60 seconds.


Utilisation Report

The utilisation report provides a similar view to the booking calendar, but giving revenue figures and occupancy percentages at a glance.Ungerboeck

Price List Usage

The price list usage report allows you to view which resources are being used, how often and how recently. It provides key metrics to enable administrators to retire unused resources.

Automated Upgrades

Batch scripts are used to deploy upgrades where manual installation is too time consuming or impractical (where a company has many remote sites for example).


Prior to the introduction of the Ungerboeck Support Center we maintained the Ungerboeck User Wiki, which still holds a wealth of information:

  • Custom Reports (including conversion, movement, occupancy and data integrity reports)
  • Scripts (including automated exception reporting, database anonymization, silent deployment and checked out document reminders)
  • How-To Guides (including deduplication, automating opportunity to event conversion and adding accounts from Excel to a project/campaign)

Please note, a lot of the content is now dated and you may need to contact us or post on the Support Center to confirm up to date instructions.

If you would like more information or pricing, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.