Accubar Interface

The Accubar Interface is a stock management application that helps businesses to easily reconcile their stock levels. At the end of each day, you will sent a report, detailing how much of each item has been sold and this information can then be used to update your current inventory.

Use Case – O‘Donohue’s

O’Donohue’s is a busy Sports Bar based in the city centre. They are already using Accubar but need a member of staff to run a number of reports at the end of the day then manually re-key the units for every product in to Accubar.

The Accubar interface now automatically transmits the data at the end of each day. This saves on average 2-hours everyday, which can now be better spent elsewhere. As the Accubar interface integrates with your existing Clover system, it also removes any chance of human error.

User Guide

Once you have installed the app and launched it from the Dashboard, Accubar will be sent an e-mail with your Merchant details:

If Accubar don’t receive this information or it needs to be sent again, click the ‘Accubar Interface’ link on the dashboard and then the ‘Resend Email’ link.

This will provide Accubar all of the information they need to setup the data flow, but they will likely get in touch to walk you through the mapping process and confirm scheduling.

Roadmap / Future Plans

We currently do not have any enhancements in mind, but we welcome any suggestions for improving the apps functionality.

If you would like support using any of our apps or to discuss possible improvements or new app ideas, please contact us.