Expense and Receipt Scanner

When taking cash out of the till to pay a supplier, Expense and Receipt Scanner lets you take a photo of the invoice/receipt:

  • Easy capture of invoices/receipts using the built-in Clover camera.
  • Access from the Clover dashboard on any internet enabled device.
  • Same simple interface when accessed on device or through the browser.

Use Case - The Victory Pub & Restaurant

The Victory receive regular deliveries from their suppliers (breweries etc). Invoices were often mislaid and trying to complete the accounts at the end of the month/year was becoming an impossible chore.

A recent audit identified a number of discrepancies and it was clear a better system needed to be in place.

Now with Expense and Receipt scanner, every invoice is immediately digitized, making the month-end process a breeze.

User Guide

When you launch the app, you will be presented with a list of all cash adjustments from the last 24 hours:

“Cash adjustments screen”

At this point you can adjust the date range using the start/end date filters at the top.

A red cross indicates no receipt has been uploaded, and a green tick indicates a photo has already been captured.

Select capture against the cash adjustment you wish to record a receipt:

“Cash adjustments photo”

The camera will launch allowing you to take a photo. Once returned to the main screen, select upload.

To view a previously captured receipt, select the green tick:

“Previous cash adjustments photo”

You can also access the system through any computer/internet enabled device at: https://ers.tickett.net

Roadmap / Future Plans

There are currently no future additions planned for Expense and Receipt Scanner. Please reach out if there are any features you would like to see added.