Expense and Receipt Scanner

When taking cash out of the till to pay a supplier, Expense and Receipt Scanner lets you take a photo of the invoice/receipt;

  • Easy capture of invoices/receipts using the built-in Clover camera
  • Access from the Clover dashboard on any internet enabled device
  • Same simple interface when accessed on device or through the browser

Use Case – The Victory Pub & Restaurant

The Victory receive regular deliveries from their suppliers (breweries etc). Invoices were often mislaid and trying to complete the accounts at the end of the month/year was becoming an impossible chore.

A recent audit identified a number of discrepancies and it was clear a better “system” needed to be in place.

Now, with Expense and Receipt scanner, every invoice is immediately digitized, making the month-end process a breeze.

User Guide

When you launch the app you will be presented with a list of all cash adjustments from the last 24 hours;

At this point you can adjust the date range using the start/end date filters at the top.

A red cross indicates no receipt has been uploaded, and a green tick indicates a photo has already been captured.

Click capture against the cash adjustment you wish to record a receipt;

The camera will launch allowing you to take a photo. Once returned to the main screen, click upload.

To view a previously captured receipt- click on the green tick;

You can also access the system through any computer/internet enabled device at; https://ers.tickett.net 

Roadmap / Future Plans

There are no future plans for Expense and Receipt Scanner. Please reach out if there are any features you would like to see added.

If you would like support using any of our apps or to discuss possible improvements or new app ideas, please contact us.