Smart Print

Smart Print simply adds the ability to send orders to different printers based on order type and device.

Whilst Clover provides the ability to send different items to different printers (using item labels), our app extends that functionality to order types and devices.

For app developers; Smart Print also gives you the ability to print using the API (especially useful for online ordering apps). Please reach out for more information.

Use Case – Multi-Bar / Multi-Floor Restaurant

Super Restaurant Company Limited has a two-storey restaurant with a bar on both floors. They have created an order type for “Upstairs” and another for “Downstairs”. When the Flex is used to take drinks orders at the table the order will print to the correct bar based on the floor / order type selected.

Use Case – Restaurant Offering Take-Away

Ordinarily, a restaurant may have food items configured to print in the kitchen and drink orders at the bar, but perhaps you want the kitchen to process the entire order for take-away/delivery?

User Guide

When you launch Smart Print, you will be presented with a list of order types. Next to each order type is a drop down list of all printers connected to your Clover device. Map one or more printers (or none) to each order type and click save.

Once configured, you will not need to launch the app again. After each order is completed, the app will automatically direct the order receipt to the configured printer.

The configuration is tied to the device, so must be completed on every device you wish to print based on order type.

For more information regarding order types, refer to the Clover documentation

Roadmap / Future Plans

  • Support for printing to remote clover printers (e.g. print to your clover station printer from your clover flex)
  • Support for printing using the API without using order types

If you would like support using any of our apps or to discuss possible improvements or new app ideas, please contact us.