Custom Reports

Custom Reports will allow you to report on any aspect of your Clover transactions.

  • Quickly filter reports by date/employee/device.
  • Print reports directly from your till.
  • Choose from over 50 data fields.
  • Create and share profiles across devices to quickly run frequently used reports.
  • Access the Web App from any device at any time to access reports while on the move.

Use Case - Mini Golf Co

Mini Golf Co needed an administrator to return to the office, login to the Clover dashboard and run several reports in order to check the paper ticket stock matched what had been sold, and the cash in the till matched how much should have been taken. This was a slow and laborious process!

Now each cashier can launch custom reports, press a single button and print the number of tickets sold and amount of cash taken to hand in at the end of the day with their float.

Use Case - J&P Charity

J & P Charity are able to claim gift aid/tax relief, however, in order to do so, they must provide a transaction breakdown along with customer details. This was simply not possible.

With Custom Reports, J & P Charity have designed a report they can run weekly from the web. The report contains all of the information required to submit to the government to claim the tax relief and gift aid payments.

Special Modifiers

Special Modifiers

Custom Reports offers various special modifiers, so you can view specifics about orders within the report such as how much tax was applied to the order, or if any tips were given to employees.

Accurate Order Times

Accurate Order Times

Custom Reports can output data stating when an order was placed for any of the items within your inventory, from the date, to the minute.

Extensive Customisation

Extensive Customisation

Custom Reports offers a large quantity of modifiers, perfect if you desire to see more than just the bare minimum.

Digital or Physical

Digital or Physical

Custom Reports can be kept digitally or physically, so if your devices ever malfunction, there’s still evidence for the logs.

User Guide

Some basic training videos have been created to get you started with Custom Reports:

The User Interface




A Simple Report






Multi-level Grouping


Group 2b


Roadmap / Future Plans

There are currently no future additions planned for Custom Reports. Please reach out if there are any features you would like to see added.