FlexPay allows you to effortlessly send an order from one Clover device to another for payment.

Whilst it is possible to tether a Clover Station with a Clover Mini (or 2 Clover Minis), you cannot easily transfer orders wirelessly between other device types. Our app extends this functionality, making it possible.

Use Case – Neverspoons Bar and Restaurant

Neverspoons is a busy bar with 3 Clover Stations behind the bar and 6 Clover Flexs on the bar. FlexPay allows the bar staff to ring up an order on one of the stations then ping it to any Flex for payment (meanwhile another member of staff can jump on the station to start ringing up the next order).

User Guide

An order is placed as usual through the Register app but when going to pay, the FlexPay payment method is selected:

FlexPay Clover

A temporary code is presented to the merchant:

FlexPay Clover

The FlexPay app is launched on another Clover device and the code is entered:

FlexPay Clover

The Register app is automatically launched to the payment screen to complete the order:

FlexPay Clover

Roadmap / Future Plans

Going forward, we have the following enhancements in mind;

  • Modify the codes to only contain numbers. This will make them much quicker and easier to enter on the smaller Clover Flex device
  • Allow modifying the order before payment
  • Allow the code (and/or a barcode) to be printed and scanned rather than manually entered
  • Add the ability to push an order to a specific Clover device without the need to enter a code
  • Lock the app to prevent accessing any other apps in scenarios where the merchant may not be present

If you would like support using any of our apps or to discuss possible improvements or new app ideas, please contact us.