Ticket Store / DigiTickets / Sell Ticket

We have four ticketing integrations;

Each integration provides;

  • Seamless access to events and pricing (no need to create inventory items)
  • Ticket printing straight from the till
  • Redemptions straight from the till using familiar Red/Amber/Green (works best with the Clover Flex or Mobile)

Use Case – Leigh Rockets FC

A local football club sells tickets for school tournament matches using paper tickets with signatures. They want a more professional way to sell the tickets. Ticket store allows them to print and sell tickets to fans at the gate and pre-book future matches. Fans with valid tickets who turn up on the day can be allowed in as exceptions if sales for the venue did not fill capacity.

Use Case – South Fairground Ltd

A fairground company on tour plans to set up business on a site across multiple days, for customers who walk by and future book tickets. They wanted to be able to easily track the revenue and tickets purchased and used. Ticket Store allows them to print a vast number of tickets quickly and efficiently along with providing a breakdown on revenue as Ticket Store integrates with Clover directly.

User Guide

The user guide below is for Ticket Store. Should you require more information on the Sell Ticket or DigiTicket Sales and Redemption apps, please get in touch with us.

On first launch, you will need to login with your Future Ticketing credentials (please contact their support team if you do not have an API Key).

After logging in, your credentials will be saved and not needed when launching the app again. You are now presented with 3 options:

  • Sell Tickets
  • Redeem Tickets
  • Settings

You can navigate to each screen quickly by touching the three dots in the top right hand corner of any screen. Alternatively, you can use the buttons at the bottom of the screen.

When first entering the sales section, you will be shown a list of events. The event date is shown next to the event and the number of available tickets on the right hand side (N/A indicates no capacity has been set).

Tap the desired event to see a list of available tickets.

Use the + or – buttons to select the number of tickets you would like to purchase, then click one of the three buttons:

  • Pay Now- transfers the order to the Clover Payment screen for immediate payment
  • Checkout- directs the order to the Clover Register allowing additional (non-ticket related) items to be purchased
  • Add To Basket- adds the tickets to your basket and allows additional events/sessions to be ordered

If you have tickets in the basket, you can checkout or empty the basket at any time by tapping the basket in the top right of any screen.

Here you can see the payment process:

Once the payment has been made in full, the receipt and tickets are printed:

Ticket Store Clover

Tickets can be redeemed by:

  • entering the barcode using a physical or on-scren keyboard
  • using Clover’s built-in camera/barcode scanner
  • using an external barcode scanner

Details about the scanned ticket will be shown on this screen, and the screen will change colour to indicate the ticket’s validity.

  • Green- the ticket has been successfully redeemed
  • Amber- the ticket is valid however redemption requires discretion (for example; wrong day)
  • Red- the ticket is invalid (it may have already been redeemed or is not recognised)


Immediately after a successful redemption, the unredeem button appears- this will allow you to undo the redemption so the ticket can be re-used.

The settings page allows you to logout or enable verbose logging (in the event you are having issues with the app).

Roadmap / Future Plans

We currently do not have any enhancements in mind, but we welcome any suggestions for improving the apps functionality.

If you would like support using any of our apps or to discuss possible improvements or new app ideas, please contact us.