Balance Till

Balance Till will help you cash up your Clover tills at the end of each day/shift. The app calculates the amount of cash which should be in each till, and if needed, creates a balancing order.

  • Accessible from any internet enabled device (web browser)
  • Cash up for any period, device and/or employee
  • Automatically create a balancing order to account for shortfall/surplus

Use Case – London Café

London Café have 6 devices and employees roughly 20 cashiers per day. Each cashier spends 10 minutes at the end of their shift running reports from the Clover dashboard then counting the cash in the till and creating a cash adjustment to balance. That’s over 3 hours per day (and works out around £750/month in lost time).

With Balance Till the process is streamlined, requires just a few clicks, saves £750/month and ensures the books always balance!

User Guide

Immediately after launching Balance Till from the Clover dashboard, select a device, employee and date range.

Click “Get Cash”.

Balance Till Clover

You will be presented with a figure identifying the amount of cash taken by the employee, on the device, during the time period.

Now enter the float amount (starting cash) and amount of cash actually present in the till.

Click “Create Order Details”.

Balance Till Clover

If the figures do not balance, the surplus/shortfall will be indicated.

Enter a note and click “Balance Till”.

Balance Till Clover

The order is created and the books now balance.

Balance Till Clover

Example #2:

Balance Till Clover

Balance Till Clover

Balance Till Clover

Balance Till Clover

Roadmap / Future Plans

We currently do not have any enhancements in mind, but we welcome any suggestions for improving the apps functionality.

If you would like support using any of our apps or to discuss possible improvements or new app ideas, please contact us.